vmware vcenter Single Sign-On 密码忘记

一般来说,我们Single Sign-On用的比较少,很容易就会忘记密码。
这时候我们需要重置密码,可以参考官方的KB 2034608


1. Log in to the vCenter Server with a domain administrator account. If vCenter Single Sign-On is installed separate from the vCenter Server, log in to the vCenter Single Sign-On server.
2. Open an elevated command prompt. For more information, see Opening a command or shell prompt (1003892).
3. Navigate to the vmdird directory by running the command:

cd Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\VMware\CIS\vmdird

4. Open the vdcadmintool service tool by running this command:

c:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\VMware\CIS\vmdird>vdcadmintool.exe

5. This console loads:

Please select:
0. exit
1. Test LDAP connectivity
2. Force start replication cycle
3. Reset account password
4. Set log level and mask
5. Set vmdir state

5. Press 3 to enter the Reset account password option.
When prompted for theAccount DN, enter:


6. A new password is now generated.